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Jr./Sr. High School Issues

Main Offices and Entrance Disconnect



Click for a floor plan that outlines some of the key issues at the Newmarket Jr./Sr. High School


Not Enough Overall Classroom Space

  • Many classrooms are still below Department of Education standards for square footage.
  • High percentage of classrooms in use during all periods.
  • A number of teachers traveling to multiple instructional spaces.
  • Storage crowds instructional spaces

Art Room is Separate from Other Services

  • Currently HS art space is located across the street.
  • MS Art space lacks storage and instructional space and is shared with another program.

Limited Space Dedicated to Special Education

  • No space for pull out or small group instruction.
  • Reading space is shared.
  • Speech and language space not conducive to assessment, teaching or learning.
  • Limited space for OT/PT/multisensory activities.
  • Facilities for multi-handicapped are limited.
  • Lack of privacy for meetings.

Poor Separation of Grades/Ages

  • Crowded corridors by lockers and ducts
  • Limited bathroom spaces.

Undersized Stage/Insufficient space for Music/Chorus

Outdated Main Entrance with Limited Security

Small Kitchen Limits Level of Service

  • Capacity and space limits efficiency and quality.
  • Kitchen and service delivery/dumpster at main entrance

Inefficient Drop-Off Area

  • Can be inefficient and lacks supervision with two lanes of traffic.
  • Drivers and buses use same entrance.

Crowded Parking

  • Parking spaces are limited.

Old, Inefficient HVAC Systems

  • Duct work is exposed.
  • Heating/ventilation¬†in rooms is an issue.

Not Fully-ADA Compliant

Lack of Storage Areas

Outdated Multimedia Services

Cramped Administrative Support Areas

  • Meeting space and PD space are lacking.