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Elementary School Design

View the Site Plan, Floor Plans and Architectural Renderings that have been developed for the Newmarket Elementary School. Click on the images to view the plans and renderings in more detail.


Architectural Renderings

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Site Plan

Newmarket Elementary School Site Plan

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Site Plan Improvements:

  • A separated bus and parent drop-off for safety and efficiency. A new bus drive entrance on South Main Street (Route 152) brings buses around the building and separates car and bus traffic. This and added play field area is possible with the newly acquired 241 South Main Street property.
  • The parent drop-off entrance and exit will be at the location of the existing exit at South Main Street (Route 152), separated from buses, and will relieve Durrell Drive congestion.
  • Parking capacity has been increased and some segregated staff parking provided to ease traffic flow.
  • The playground is expanded and new “free play” areas are provided on the east side of the site.
  • Deliveries remain grouped and away from the main entrance.
  • Disturbance to utilities is minimized for a cost-effective site approach.


Floor Plan


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Floor Plan Improvements:

The expansion and renovation of the building allow for the removal of the portable classrooms/ modular buildings, proper quantity and size of special education spaces, fewer lunch periods, and a properly-sized gym.

The design retains most of the existing building with minimal renovations where spaces are not reconfigured for educational programs. Project includes:

  • Right-sizing Special Education areas
  • A new Gym
  • Updated and expanded kitchen
  • Dedicated and expanded Cafeteria
  • Increased educational support spaces
  • Expanded nurse and guidance spaces
  • Improved acoustic insulation between music and cafeteria
  • Added remote teacher copy rooms for increased efficiency.
  • Mechanical, electrical, and plumbing system upgrades
  • Expanded sprinkler coverage for code compliance
  • Security upgrades

The eastern building expansion provides classrooms to replace the portable buildings plus appropriate spaces for Special Education and educational support. The southern addition provides a new and properly sized gym while relieving cafeteria space constraints, and providing a rear, bus/gym entrance. This entrance can be locked down from the remainder of the building for use after school hours. The addition also provides needed expansion to the undersized kitchen that provides full service meals.