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Elementary School Issues

Unsecured Main Entry



Click for a floor plan that outlines some of the key issues at the Newmarket Elementary School


Small Kitchen and Cafeteria  

  • We currently have to run 6 lunch periods a day, starting at 10:45am and ending at 1:15pm.
  • No sound separation from Cafeteria to Music Room
  • A larger space would allow us to serve two grade levels at a time and possibly provide a longer lunch period to students.

Current Gymnasium is Too Small  

  • The size of the gym limits the types of lessons the teachers can provide for the children.
  • A larger space will allow for better range of programs, serve as a whole school assembly space and provide a better facility for town use.
  • The gym space is too small for children to run during physical education and does not meet state minimum standards for an elementary gymnasium.

Portables Create Unwanted Division

  • Currently there are 4 classrooms housed in the portables along with rooms for special education instruction.
  • Not enough classroom space overall
  • The students must come into the building for their unified arts classes and lunch.
  • This also is a concern in terms of safety, as these classrooms are not as secure as those found in the main building.

Limited Space for Special Education

  • Insufficient space for special education; intstruction often given in cafeteria

There is Only One Pre-K Classroom

  • We are seeing an increasing need to provide early intervention services to our preschool population.
  • Current classroom does not provide adequate space to provide these services that often require specialized equipment.

Outdated Main Entrance with Limited Security

  • The current main entrance does not provide a lobby that allows the staff to screen all visitors prior to entering the main building.
  • Increased security needed at entrances

Cramped Administrative Support Areas

  • Nurse’s Office
    • Too small for the given student population.
    • She is unable to assess student well-being in a private setting and only has room for one cot for a child to rest.
  • Front Office
    • The Assistant Principal does not have an office of her own, limiting privacy.
    • Insufficient waiting area for parents/guests.
    • We need a student intervention room located in the main office.

Separate Parent and Bus Drop-Offs

  • Currently both parent and bus drop off & pick up occurs in the front of the building. This configuration creates highly congested traffic pattern and poor sight lines for student supervision.

Proximity of Playground to School is a Safety Concern

  • The current configuration requires children to cross over the access road that wraps around the school.

Crowded Parking

  • Staff and visitors need to park along the outer edge of the parking lot and roadway.

Old, Inefficient HVAC Systems

  • These are the original systems that were installed when the building opened. They’re highly inefficient and are subject to unexpected shut downs.

Not Fully-ADA Compliant

  • Staff bathroom and main entrance are not ADA compliant.

Current School Does Not Meet Minimum State Kindergarten Requirements

  • One kindergarten classroom does not meet the meet minimum State requirements for square footage.

Break Room, Copy Room, Coat Rooms Would Be Added

More Storage

  • Equipment and furniture presently in mezzanine must be removed according to code.
  • Some specialized equipment is stored in the hallway.

English Language Learners Program

  • Current space has serves as office space for three ESOL providers and a small instructional space.
  • Providers must find space within the building for instruction.

Occupational and Physical Therapy Space           

  • Current room is undersized.
  • Most of these services use equipment like standards, large mats and therapy tables all of which take up much of the classroom space.
  • Many of these interventions currently take place in the hallway.

Reading/Title 1 Space

  • We have 3 rooms with two instructors in each. This includes the instructor’s desk and small teaching space.
  • These services often take place in the cafeteria, when available.